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    “Discovery channel - Heroin Nation” (2009)


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    Data de inscrição : 19/11/2009

    “Discovery channel - Heroin Nation” (2009) Empty “Discovery channel - Heroin Nation” (2009)

    Mensagem por Fia em Qui Nov 19, 2009 9:41 pm

    Cocaine Nation and Heroin Nation premiered on the Discovery channel are rated TV-14 because of the subject matter and some disturbing footage of drug abuse.
    Both series take a raw look at all sides of drug abuse including the users, the dealers, treatment and even the science behind the addictions.
    Cocaine Nation concentrates on the gritty underworld of cocaine use as seen through the eyes of law enforcement officers, addicts, users, therapists and scientists. The show makes connections between all aspects of cocaine, from how it is smuggled across the border of Mexico, to the way it affects teenagers in states up north.
    Heroin Nation, which premiered after Cocaine Nation, takes a similar approach in documenting the problem with heroin in the United States.

    Vê o documentário completo neste LINK:

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