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Festas, Sexualidade e Substâncias Psicoactivas

    “National Geographic: Mind Altering Drugs (Taboo Drugs)” (2007)


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    Data de inscrição : 19/11/2009

    “National Geographic: Mind Altering Drugs (Taboo Drugs)” (2007) Empty “National Geographic: Mind Altering Drugs (Taboo Drugs)” (2007)

    Mensagem por Fia em Qui Nov 19, 2009 9:31 pm

    In most societies mind-altering drugs are taboo and banned by law. Most governments argue that they lead to addiction and anti-social behavior. But there are cultures where these drugs are sanctioned--and even encouraged. Sometimes drugs are used as part of religious rituals, sometimes for traditional healing practices. When drugs allow people to enter an altered state people change their consciousness but also risk dangerous consequences. Taking mind-altering drugs is one of the few taboo practices that is widely practiced yet fiercely contested.

    San Pedro cactus, peyote, coca leaves and ganja have been part of shamanism in cultures around the world. This National Geographic documentary compares thes cultures and modern day rave culture in which doctors and professionals attest to the validity of this spiritual experience.

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