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Festas, Sexualidade e Substâncias Psicoactivas

    Dicas para situações de crise


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    Dicas para situações de crise Empty Dicas para situações de crise

    Mensagem por Daniel em Ter Jan 15, 2008 8:12 pm

    Here are some tips from the Psychedelic Emergency Services (PSYEMS) team for working with someone who is in the midst of a difficult psychedelic experience:

    • Honor and respect the person having the crisis.
    • Sit quietly with the person, making them feel safe.
    • Reassure them:
    1) This will pass, this is a process.
    2) This is an experience other people have had.
    3) There will be support afterwards.
    • Wait and calm them down through talk, knowing the duration
    of the substance taken.
    • Walk with them, talking or not.
    • Have them express the experience through sound.
    • Have them move through it, through a physical expression,
    holding a certain posture or letting the body go.
    • If you know how, do some deep, intensive bodywork, or just hold them
    (meeting their needs) or gently massage them. Always ask for permission
    regarding any kind of physical contact.
    • Have appropriate sitter regarding male/female, important when
    recall of sexual abuse or release of sexual energy takes place.
    • Encourage the person to recline, eyes closed or blindfolded,
    and listen to comforting music.
    • If their emotions are overwhelming them, encourage their expression.
    • When the person is calm enough or has come back from their difficult
    psychedelic experience, have art supplies and writing material available.

    in MAPS BULLETIN: volume XVII, number 3, winter 2007.

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    Mensagem por hUgo em Sex Jan 18, 2008 10:39 pm

    Boa! Já agora, este video, "Working with Difficult Psychedelic Experiences" também do MAPS.

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